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One market that presents itself this way, is seen by many as the bitcoin weekend trading industry.

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Ethereum presents itself as an alternative, being classified as within the top 5 bought cryptocurrencies globally, but yet much cheaper than Bitcoin. Traders looking to trade trends love assets which have long term table price movement rather than a price which is ranging with no clear direction.

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Ethereum started the week on a downtrend following the rest of the market and has been depreciating for bitcoin weekend trading month now. The asset is currently entering a short to medium term range, neither showing strong bullish nor bearish price movements.

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It is rumoured that the market turned their capital to the cryptocurrency sector due to fears that demand for local currencies may fade due to the Coronavirus. The Governor of the Bank of England has announced on the 12th of March, an emergency cut in interest rates. The experts again blame the correction of the PlusToken Chinese financial pyramid, the leadership of which moved and, probably, partially brought to the market 13K BTC, which put pressure on prices.

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However, the regulator plans to appeal, which may lead to a repeated ban on companies promoting cryptocurrencies. He said that the new network will increase productivity by a hundred or even several hundred times, and will also be more anonymous.

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